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Curved aluminium baluster and wall coping system


Roval Aluminium, a subsidiary of Reynaers Aluminium, is specialised in sustainable, aesthetic and practical custom aluminium solutions. One of those custom solutions is the curved aluminium wall coping system in combination with a curved aluminium baluster system on the parapet of a raised patio of a building in the residential area Sint Pieters Woluwe.

Of aesthetic and sustainable added value is the blind attachment of the baluster system into the wall covering plate. Moreover, the wall covering plate itself does not need to be screwed in place thanks to a clipping system developed by Roval itself. The screwless mounting ensures that the construction remains sturdy and that the aluminium does not lose its aesthetic appearance. Roval offers various types of handles for the baluster system (oval, round, square and rectangular). Countless designs are available for the wall coping systems as well. To see inspiring sample projects,  go to references.

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